Three Village Walkability

By Greg de Bruin 

By Greg de Bruin 

It’s not many streets but it would make a monumental difference.

Think about the possibilities of a more connected community. The main roads and more heavily traveled streets in our community are no longer safe for pedestrians and bicyclists. Wouldn't it be great to walk or bike safely to the centers of our community and the many attractions it has to offer? In order to make safer streets for everyone we would like to extend some of the existing sidewalks to certain areas of our town allowing for easier accessibility to West Meadow Beach, the Setauket Neighborhood House, and our area schools. Sidewalks add not only safety but increased value to our homes and a greater sense of community. It's not many streets but a few more sidewalk connections could make a monumental difference to the health of our town. 

Thank you to Greg de Bruin for drawing this Sidewalk Map.
Go to:
Click on the basemap at top left and select and click Topographi to see simple streets background. 

  1. The map shows existing sidewalks in 3V in green (we have quite a few we just need to connect them)
  2. The addition of Safe Routes To School SRTS in orange.
  3. Proposed sidewalks in red
  4. Proposed paths in state parks in purple

For A Safe Walkable Three Village Community:

  • Extend exsisting Christian Ave all the way to Main Street
  • Extend Mud Road to Ridgeway Ave (Re-align Mud Road to come into Ridgeway at 90 degrees, eliminating the large sweeping turn. This will make it easier for southbound vehicles to see eastbound traffic, it will slow down vehicles going west to north, and it will make it easier for pedestrians to cross Mud Road)
  • Extend Main Street from the Setauket Neighborhood House to 25A
  • Ridgeway Ave to Main Street
  • Quaker Path from 25A to Lubber Street
  • Dyke Road from Main Street along the water 
  • Trustees Road to Mt Grey Road
  • Old Field Road to West Meadow Road
  • Old Town Road to WMHS
  • Extend existing on Gnarled Hollow Road to Sheep Pasture
  • Sheep Pasture to Old Town Road
  • Bennets Road to Sheep Pasture Road
  • Stony Brook Road from 347 to Stony Brook Village

Then we would have a more connected community. We prefer meandering paths full of trees where possible, but mostly we want to feel comfortable and safe when we walk and bike. 

We would love to hear your thoughts.
Which roads do you think need a sidewalk?

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Our community is a beautiful, green area. But did you know that Suffolk County has some of the worst air quality in New York? Allergy and asthma rates are increasing in both children and adults,1 leading to increased healthcare costs and reductions in quality of life. Air pollution is a significant contributor to these health problems. While some of that air pollution comes from power plants across state lines, our own automobile traffic plays a large role in creating the problem. Nationwide, car trips under a mile contribute an estimated 4 million metric tons of CO2 emissions a year.2 By walking or cycling for even some of these short trips, we can reduce the pollutants affecting our local air and the health of our children and seniors, who are especially vulnerable to the effects of air pollution.

Noise, particularly noise associated with transportation, is the second most significant (behind air pollution) source of environmental health effects.3 Environmental noise contributes to hearing loss, learning difficulties in children, sleep problems, and even heart disease. Modern cars and trucks are certainly quieter than they once were, but the quietest car is the one parked in the driveway! By making our community more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists, we’ll all benefit from improved air quality and lower noise levels.