NEW walking trail in 3V to West Meadow through the historic Old Field Farm.

Thank you Kara Hahn, Suffolk County Parks and Old Field Farm.

Three Village residents enjoy a beautiful morning stroll

Three Village residents enjoy a beautiful morning stroll

This is a huge asset for the Three Village area.

The trail starts on West Meadow Road, after the Old Field Club and private home at the white gate of the Old Field Farm, and runs around the farm, along the shore ending on Trustees Road.

Illustration by Elena Sadov

Illustration by Elena Sadov

Make Your Child a Live Action Hero

By Herb Mones

Who wouldn’t want to be an Action Hero! It’s got to be exciting to have super powers, and also be able to save lives! Well, why not give your child the power to see danger, practice personal safety, and even alert companions of imminent threats to their lives.  

Of course, your child knows to walk in the correct direction to the traffic flow, wear bright clothing to easily be seen, and always wear a helmet when biking.  But you can teach your child to be a supersized Action Hero by training them in some other simple, but often untaught skills, when walking or bicycling. 

Action Hero Skill #1 - Spot Rolling Dangers 

When crossing an intersection, make eye contact with the driver of the stopped vehicle.  Don’t step into the intersection unless you can see that the driver knows you are about to cross the street.  A driver looking in a different direction, or even down at a cell phone, can very likely roll into the intersection with disastrous consequences to anyone crossing the road. 

Action Hero Skill #2 - Avoid Blind Vehicles

As cars and trucks are backing out of driveways and parking spaces, the drivers are looking for approaching vehicles, but not necessarily smaller objects - like kids.  An ‘Action Hero’ recognizes the importance of the white-lit backup lights that signal  a vehicle is in its reverse gear. Beware of these vehicles - they are often blind to you.

Action Hero Skill #3 - Cross smart, Not Fast

If you need to run or bicycle quickly across a street to avoid oncoming traffic you are probably putting yourself in danger.  Having to cross quickly usually means the crossing is really unsafe.  A smarter choice is to find a safe, signaled controlled intersection.  Action heroes recognize being smart is more important than being fast. 

Action Hero Skill #4 - Use Your Spidey Senses

When you are walking or bicycling, your sense of sight and hearing give you huge powers of understanding your surroundings.  If you are looking at your smart phone, or listening to music with your ear buds, you are sacrificing some special powers that will certainly put you at risk. Walking and bicycling require your full attention. 

Action Hero Skill #5 - Have A Safe Space Travel

Safe walking and bicycling on suburban roads is more challenging than ever. There are more cars and they are traveling faster and faster. Drivers sit in their ‘cabins’ and are constantly distracted by the car’s ‘living room features’ – music systems, incoming phone messages, navigational alerts, etc. 

For walkers and bicyclists danger constantly exists because there are no sidewalks, and the shoulders of the roadway are very narrow or non-existent.  This means that you are competing for space with 3000 pound cars, or monstrous trucks and buses piloted by distracted drivers.  If that’s not bad enough, today’s vehicles have side mirrors that extend far beyond the vehicles body and pose a special hazard to anyone nearby.  What to do?  Be sure to leave plenty of space between you and the nearby traffic.  This may mean that there are times you need to step off the road surface, or dismount your bike and walk.  By constantly being aware of the need for enough ‘space,’ you will guarantee your future adventures!

Now shall I walk or shall I ride?
‘Ride,’ Pleasure said;
‘Walk,’ Joy replied.
— W.H. Davies